At Bude Primary Infants we have adopted a Mastery Curriculum for Maths with a scheme called White Rose. We adapt this scheme to cater for our children's needs and add our own stimulating activities.

Maths Mastery is founded on 3 main principles:
  • Fluency - learning number facts with quick recall and using these elsewhere in maths;
  • Reasoning in maths is the process of applying logical thinking to a situation to derive the correct problem solving strategy for a given question, and using this method to develop and describe a solution.
  • Problem solving - is finding a way to apply knowledge and skills you have to answer unfamiliar types of problems.
Mastery aims to teach all children how to succeed at learning new skills in small manageable steps which they build on progressively through the week and revisit during the year. Maths Mastery gives children a deeper understanding of number, shapes, space and measure. It teaches children how to represent numbers in lots of different ways, using drawings, written methods and a wide selection of apparatus. It gives children a better knowledge of what a number means and helps children to build knowledge and skills that they will be able to apply in more complex problems as they get more confident.


In EYFS, children are taught how to count using one to one correspondence e.g. that one object is one number. They learn to count in order and know how numbers compare to one another by quantity. We learn what each number to 10, then 20 means - and how to represent them in different ways using a range of equipment. We also learn about shapes, positions and measures through practical play experiences.

New maths skills and knowledge are taught during whole class together times and then in small groups to consolidate. We add exciting provocations into our continuous provision (our play environment) to stimulate maths vocabulary and meaningful experiences. As a staff team we continually seek to expand our professional development with maths to keep pace with curriculum changes. We use carefully targeted questioning to weave maths language into our outdoor and indoor play experiences to give them a solid foundation to build on in Key Stage 1 and foster a love of maths.

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