Why teach science?

Children experience ‘science’ every moment of every day. They see the sun move through the sky, they bring light to a room by flicking a switch, they tumble to the ground when they fall. At Bude Primary Academy, we aim to support children in questioning the wonderful world around us. We teach science to inspire and harness curiosity as well as providing an explanation and vocabulary which helps joins the dots. Teaching science allows for those Oooooh!!! moments, when something suddenly makes sense. We offer opportunities for children to engage in new experience as well as noticing and exploring the familiar and encourage all to question, why?

How do we teach science?

We are passionate about delivering a high quality, joined up science curriculum. We follow the Cornerstones curriculum which provides a scaffold for our projects using a variety of exciting, inspirations contexts. Within each lesson, we consider both the scientific knowledge and working scientifically skills which are needed. Children are taught science as a discreet subject but are shown the connections it has with other areas of the curriculum.

What difference does learning about Science make?

When learning in Science, children are invited to hypothesise, predict, set up experiments and investigations, explore and harness evidence, analyse findings, grapple with the unexpected, draw conclusions and accept that sometimes outcomes are not what they expected. This encourages them to become active, enthusiastic, independent learners and opens many doorways for the future.

Through our practical project-based curriculum, we aim to inspire and excite our children and foster a thirst for knowledge.


In EYFS, we teach science through understanding of the world. Our topics often lend themselves to learning about the world around us, as does playing outside in all seasons in our wonderful outdoor area. We also have the woodland to explore and all the wonderful plants and creatures within it. You will often see our children with magnifying glasses investigating and caring for the living world that we are so lucky to have on our doorstop.

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