PSHE every day 
PSHE is more than just a lesson to be taught. It runs through the veins of everything we do as a school family. Our school ethos is fostered around our 3 main rules: 
-Be safe; 
-Be ready; 
-Be respectful. 
Through regular discussion with our classes, our expectation is that all children follow these rules to the best of their abilities. We regularly praise children who follow the rules and use them as an example to follow. We have Above and Beyond Boards within each classroom to celebrate children's successes and a special assembly which celebrates achievements at home and beyond.  


Our School toolkit is unique to our school. We have our own animal characters (with their own slogan and story) which embody what it is to be confident, independent, resilient, curious, courageous and to be a good team player. We refer to these consistently throughout the school. We feel that building upon these characteristics are crucial to our children’s success through their school journey and beyond. 


PSHE Curriculum: 


Our PSHE curriculum will develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to prepare children for their future lives in the wider world. It is key to enhancing children’s growth mindset, developing and raising self-esteem, building resilience and a sense of place in the world which will allow them to grow into individuals who can be the best they can be.  


At Bude Primary Academy Infants we follow the nationally accredited SCARF PSHE programme, however we have adapted this to meet the specific needs of our children and enriched it with wonderful opportunities to discuss, embed and learn. This includes the use of infant friendly texts, stories and films which makes learning accessible for all. We have ensured that children cover the statutory knowledge and skills of the RSE Curriculum but also added opportunities to link with our own School Toolkit which is integral to our whole school ethos.  


It is divided into 6 half-termly themes which are taught throughout the school.  

Each unit builds on children previous experiences, the skills they developed and the knowledge they gained: 


Our Children will 

  • be able to express their feelings and emotions and understand those of others 

  • be equipped with strategies to cope with conflict and difficult life situations 

  • value similarities differences and understand who and what is special to them 

  • understand fairness and know ways to cope with unfairness 

  • know how to keep themselves safe including keeping physically and mentally healthy, recognise inappropriate behaviour, know key risks and things that can harm them such as smoking and alcohol and know how medicines are to be used safely 

  • Understand what rights and responsibilities we have as humans and how these are put into practice in school and the wider world 

  • understand basic economic principles such as earning, budgeting and saving money 

  • want to strive to be the best version of them self 

  • understand how we change and grow and how this affects us physically, mentally and within our relationships with others. 

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